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About Us

Grand and globally famous Guruji Ayush is at present, one of the most popular,eminent, and leading astrologers in India and Asia. Besides being an ace and veteran astrologer, he is also a vashikaran specialist of global credibility and admiration. So far, through genuine and generously-charged solutions based on these two benevolent sciences, myriads of troubled people and occupational entities located in countries across the world, have been benefited substantially and remarkably. His highly successful and glorious career in these fields spans more than 27+ Years, which has given him a rather rich & varied disciplinary expertise, global success and renown, many high and dignifying awards & recognitions, over 10,000+ satisfied and loyal clients, and the great and elusive satisfaction of having become helpful to the suffering people of the world over. The main and ultimate ambition of righteous and benevolent Guruji Ayush is to soothe and prosper the troubled lives of people worldwide, through constructive uses of his hard earned disciplinary knowledge and expertise.
Through his ingeniously generated, infallible, and cheaply-charged astrological solutions, the following wide range of problems can swiftly be tackled forever:

· Almost all problems to love affairs and relationships

· Hindrances to arranged marriages, love marriages, and inter-caste marriages

· All problems between husband and wife, including unwanted divorce or extramarital affair of any spouse

· Various problems related with businesses and professions

· Mystic financial fluctuations and uncertainties in business or domesticity

· Difficulties related with rekindling or reacquiring the lost love or lover

· Career struggles of celebrities in the fields of sports, films, politics, etc.

· Risks and uncertainties associated with new investments or new business ventures And, problems or obstacles ever present in many other spheres of life.